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Understanding the needs

Keeping a dog/cat in Singapore is costly!  
Medical  costs  for  dogs  &  cats  have  been  soaring recently.
These only increase as your  fur  kid  grows  and  faces  health  problems  associated  with  old  age. 
This  is  something  existing  owners  have  to  contend  with,  and  many  look  towards  pet  insurance  to  help  offset the healthcare cost of owning a pet!

Medical cost at a glance

The table above is based on a neighborhood vets 2020 to 2021 prices. The actual costs of your local clinic may differ. As mentioned  before, this number is slated to increase in the future, with some pet owners citing a price hike of about 20% in the last couple of years.


  • Have a micro-chip

  • Not a Guard or Guide dog

  • Living within your premises  

  • Not for breeding purposes 

  • Below 9 years old

  • Minimum 8 weeks old

Dog Walker at the Park

What Does
Pet Insurance Cover?


Vet Expenses for nonsurgical and/or surgical treatment


Compensation for accidental injury to any person, loss or damage to property caused by the pet


Coverage for accidental death, injury or pets getting stolen


Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Claim Stories

Had a medical emergency as she eaten a full bar of chocolate. Rushed to the veterinary to induce vomiting and flushing.

Total bill was $1,347

Owner had Liberty PetCare and was able to claimed $673.50

As this was not under surgical treatment, there was a 50% Co-Insurance

Violette – Schnauzer

Cookie was admitted to the clinic for surgery as she had swallowed a durian seeds. She wasn’t able to pass the seeds out and after a few days her excrement was filled with blood.

Total bill was $4,371

Owner had Happy Tail insurance and the

Co-Insurance was 20%.


Owner contribution to bill

$250 + $824.2 = $1,074.20


Insurance covered $3,296.80

Cookie - Pomsky


A.Is all illness claimable?

•Hereditary only Income cover, Pre-existing condition is not covered


A.If I buy the lower tier plan this year, and upgrade next year, do I still qualify for the No-Claims Discount?

•Yes, so long as there is no claims


A.Is there a panel of vet I need to see?

•Nope! Any registered veterinary clinic are acceptable


A.Can I pay Monthly?

•Yes, you can do monthly installment with selected credit card

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